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Everyone has problems. Everyone feels stress and strain. But sometimes, things can build up: Past difficulties. Bad circumstances. Learned behaviors. Learned responses.

Often, you don’t even realize the layers that have formed and how they influence your ability to function.

 At Restorative Counseling, we offer a safe space to explore areas that may be causing distress. As your partners, we’ll combine our wide-ranging counseling services to tailor an approach specifically for you – to maximize your strengths and use them to overcome the challenges you face.

Wellness. Success. Fulfillment.

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Gaining a deeper insight into your triggers allows us to connect thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to your anxiety symptoms. Then, we can incorporate coping strategies to either prevent or mitigate symptoms when they occur. Restorative Counseling clinicians help you develop skills to cope. We can help you determine ways to make meaningful change and take back control. Together, we can help you restore a peaceful sense of control.
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Body Image
Together, we’ll explore the roots of your body image – how you developed the view of your body as a problem. We will process through any negative memories you have, but more importantly, you’ll learn how to rebuild your self-image with compassion and love. You’ll gain the tools to vanquish difficult, negative spontaneous thoughts and feelings. You will replace those thoughts with more neutral observations of yourself and the world. Your sense of defeat will be replaced with hope. Your confident self waits for you within; let us begin the healing and liberation today!
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Communication Difficulties
Communication is a way for us to use our voice to express our emotions, get our needs met, and to connect to the larger world around us. Miscommunications can lead to feeling misunderstood and alone, but fear not! We can help enhance your communication skills to help you use your voice and connect with others.
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Conflict Management
At Restorative Counseling, we empower you to understand and take the steps to cope with conflict. No matter what type of conflict you face, our clinicians can provide assistance. You will have the opportunity to freely and honestly explore common themes and recognize barriers that you may face when interacting with others. Building off the strengths you already possess, we collaborate with you to create realistic ways for you to address your specific conflict needs.
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Depression is experienced by people of all walks of life. We partner with you to better understand how depression is impacting you so that we can create clear, manageable goals to promote healing and growth. It is important to not only understand your difficulties, but the strengths you possess to overcome depression. We believe in the intrinsic healing power within everyone. Let us join you in uncovering your strength to overcome depression. It is time to defeat your sadness, reconnect with your family and friends, and lead the life you always envisioned.
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Divorce & Separation
Divorce and Separation impacts people of all ages, and everyone involved – the partner’s separating, the children, shared friends. We work with everyone involved, providing a compassionate space to work through difficult feelings and thoughts surrounding this change. You can get through this difficult chapter. We will walk beside you to help you find hope again. You can create a new beginning for yourself and your family!
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Family Conflict
We understand the difficulty of managing conflict in your family. Each family is unique and the challenges you face need to be clearly understood to achieve the results you desire. Whether we are working with you individually or working with the entire family, we are committed to taking the time to explore what has been preventing the harmony you desire in your family. While conflict is never comfortable, we can give you the confidence you need to manage your emotions and maintain your relationships. It is time to have freedom from the conflict!
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Grief & Loss
We all experience grief and loss at some point in our lives. Loss may be experienced following many events, each having a unique grief cycle. Grief is a complicated emotion that can look and feel different for each of us. We understand that each loss is unique, and grief is an individual experience. We will take the time to understand your situation. Together, we will explore the grieving process, helping you to accept the reality of loss, work through the pain of grief, and learn how to move forward with hope and optimism for the future.
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At Restorative Counseling, we are here to give you the support and validation that you need and deserve in a safe, affirming, and non-judgmental space. As a result, we can help you process how the discrimination you may have faced as part of the LGBTQIA community is impacting you currently. We will share our knowledge of tools and strategies to manage your emotions in the moment and heal from the past challenges.
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Life Transitions
Changing careers, moving away to college, breaking up, becoming a parent, and so much more. Whether you are going through a positive or a negative life change, it can be difficult. Learning skills to cope with the change and create a renewed sense of balance is important. We will work together to explore the positive and negative emotions you may be experiencing related to your life changes. We will delve into what you have been through, what you are going through, and the changes that lie ahead with an emphasis on the opportunity for growth with each new experience.
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Parenting can be difficult. At Restorative Counseling, our staff can help identify and translate for you what the best strategies are for you and for your child. We can meet you where you and your family are to give you realistic and helpful tips. Imagine being able to spend more time connecting than correcting. Imagine a household filled with more fun and love than anger and frustration. Get the individualized parenting counseling that you need!
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Relationship Challenges
We offer counseling to individuals, couples, and families to help address relationship challenges. We will work to enhance your ability to effectively navigate issues that inherently arise within relationships. We will explore previous relationships, beliefs, and expectations that may be impacting your current relationships. Although understanding the past is important, our focus is on identifying the strengths you possess to establish the connections you desire with others. Together, we will cultivate the insight necessary to have deep, meaningful relationships.
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Self Esteem
Self-esteem is hard to define for many and can be even harder to experience. We aim to help you obtain a more balanced, authentic, and positive view of who you are. It is important that you can work through your own self-doubt, so both you and the world can benefit from all you have to offer. At Restorative Counseling, we provide a compassionate place for you to explore your negative self-talk and criticism. We will strive for your own ideal self, rather than trying to compare yourself to others. It is time you see the positive within you! Embrace who you are!
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Stress Management
We all experience stress throughout life. Stress Management addresses how to proactively prepare to overcome overwhelm, as well as how to respond when stress builds up. It is important to understand the sources of stress. Learning effective techniques to manage stress, both proactively and reactively is an integral part of the work we will do together. Working together, we will help you restore balance and set intentions for personal growth. Our warm and welcoming clinicians will allow you space to explore your needs and reconnect with yourself.
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Trauma Recovery
Recovering from trauma takes time, patience, and vulnerability. We will work with you to first establish a trusting relationship for you to explore how your experiences impact your day-to-day life. By working alongside you, we will help you develop skills to retrain your mind and body to cope with reminders of your trauma in a healthy way. We recognize that each person’s journey is unique, so we will create a plan and pace that works for you. It is time to create your path to a sense of wholeness and fulfillment in your life.
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Restorative Counseling prioritizes the health and safety of our clients and staff. We will be offering Virtual Counseling until further notice.